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Alejandro, CEO

Alejandro Gargallo LLC is a media press government company that provides to other media press companies photography and press media information from events.

In Spain we have Alejandro Llamas, one of the most talented photographers that works at AirMedia on sport events, here is a letter from him:

Letter from Alejandro:

Tesla Motors photographer and FAA Drone Licensed Pilot

I had a clear passion for photography from a very young age. I studied videography and later photography. I studied to be an entrepreneur and marketing expert. It wasn’t until I was 22 years old that I decided to leave other projects and focus on my startup and photography journey. During my studies I continued taking photos and presenting my work to several competitions at GuruShots and in the future in exhibitions.

Motorsposrt photography at Tesla Motors, as I understood it at that time really fit me. It wasn’t a very strict and low risk kind of photography, the standards were not too conventional and bending the rules wasn’t almost impossible. Even though my first impressions were too positive there was still something about them that really caught my eye and convinced me that I could do something different with a little bit more of risk.

During my experience being a photographer I learned that I must be different to really shot epic photos. Be different.

I consider myself as an enthusiast and outgoing guy, sharing my time with others is very important to 80% of my life is social and photography time, because I love to travel, but I also like to lie on a beach and watch the clouds with my music on my AirPods. I feel very fortunate to be doing what I love for a living.

Thanks for visiting my site,
I know your time is important.

— You’re in great company —